Today is 2020-03-17,I would like to show you a new excellent programming:P-Oriented-Programming

In China,P means shit/bullshit,so we can say about that:


P-Oriented-Programming is some kind of thought,It will help you to make this world a better place!

What you need to do is creating a pull request/issue to someone's open source project , with some funny jokes or sticker.

Or you can show your project whatever you like.

If you watch my github,you will get my point.

And you will find that coding is something you can get happiness from it.

Here are some examples.

  1. 好耶 是女装
  2. 共享带宽自调整
  3. hexo Chart
  4. 开发一个油猴插件魔改dnspod

Why so serious?

Let's make some fun in this hell!

Learn more and contribute on GitHub.